Elaine Coxon


​Various locations - click on the individual workshop on the Schedules page to find out more information and to see who to  contact to make a booking. 

Experience Week for Over-seas Students

​Whilst you are on holiday - why not bring your horse to stay with me.  I will progress their ST journey and then we will have a hand-over lesson at the end of your horse's stay so that you can catch up with your horse! 

Gift Vouchers

​Private Lesson with School horse

Accelerate your learning by having the feel of the movements from a school horse. Groundwork, Lunging, Work in hand and Liberty pillars can be looked at. 
​COST: £60 for 45 mn lesson

If your Riding Club would like a lecture to find out more about Balancing  your horse and Natural Asymmetry please contact me.

Natural Asymmetry is the cause of many injuries and why horses have been retired - by treating the cause, not the symptom we have fantastic results helping horses who have kissing spines and navicular. 
Also because we develop the muscles to support the joints we have great success helping horses who are suffering with arthritis.

​Due to the C19 virus and many of us on lock down - I have filmed the details of my Horseless Workshop based on Hanna Engstrom's Seat 1 programme.   This is now available for ONLY £20!!   Just get in touch, pay through PayPal and you will have this workshop brought to your home! 

​Holiday Cover

Stuck for the perfect gift - why not give a Gift Voucher towards a lesson/workshop?   And if you really want to give something special why not an Indulgence Day.

Bring your own horse and stay with me for a week. A lesson a day with your horse PLUS watch me train/teach horses. Ask me questions all day! Light lunch and refreshments included and pens with electric fencing for horses. B and B can be arranged on site for an additional cost.
Runs Monday to Friday
Max 3 people per a week COST; £380


There are many ways I can help you balance your horse in mind, body, emotions and spirit.

From private lessons, workshops, indulgence days, experience weeks.

I also have horses in for holiday cover so they can progress in their development whilst you are on holiday!  

And I can help horses in rehab - for example with Kissing Spines.  Navicular.

Spend the whole day with me (without your own horse) and have 2 x lessons with my school horses PLUS watch me train/teach horses. Ask me questions all day!! Light lunch and refreshments included. Week days only.
Max 2 people per a day COST; £160 per person

Experience Week


On Line Course

Experience Week Plus.

Helping Rehab horses

Indulgence Days

A FREE podcast about the Magic Question - how to cope with anxiety, fear, lack of self confidence. 


​All of the benefits of the Experience week PLUS a lesson a day with one of my school horses.
Runs Monday to Friday
Max 3 people per a week
COST; £640

SPECIAL WEEK EXPERIENCE DATES CAN BE ARRANGED FOR THOSE UNABLE TO BRING THEIR OWN HORSE - use of a school horse. NO RIDING available on school horses due to UK Insurance restraints.

All the above are held at my yard at Church Farm House, Stanton St Bernard, Marlborough, SN8 4LJ. All weather, outdoor arena.