my story

To now help others find the secrets of the Grand Masters through the progressive pathway of Straightness Training is an incredible journey.  The horses are always my teachers - along with amazing mentoring from Marijke de Jong in her Straightness Training Instructors network.

The only thing between you and the success you dream of ...... is you!

Through Natural Horsemanship I was able to help many horses mentally and emotionally, but it wasn't until I discovered Straightness Training and understood about the challenges that the Natural Asymmetry causes that I was able to help them a lot quicker and then reach heights that I had only dreamt of.  Creating a greater bond spiritually as the horses became more proud, more majestic.

Elaine Coxon


Live your dream

Horses are in my blood - a passion that has been with me my entire life.  Natural horsemanship was a pathway that lead me to a greater understanding of these beautiful creatures.  Straightness Training has

been the missing part of the puzzle - my route to the pathway of the Grand Masters of old.  Enabling me to help horses stay sound and sane into their senior years.