What can you do about it?

Does YOUR horse have any of these problems?
Falls in or out on a circle

Finds it difficult to turn one way
Pins his ears on certain exercises
Saddle slips to one side

Difficult to saddle/girth up

Kissing Spines

Well - Natural Asymmetry may be the cause. 

Natural Asymmetry

Find out about the Six Keys to solve the riddle of Natural Asymmetry.
The details can be found in a FREE E-BOOK that you can find at


On that site you will also find a whole heap of useful information about this topic.

There are 5 areas of study  Groundwork, Lunging, Work in hand, Riding and Liberty.  And each of those areas is a skill to be mastered because each area will add to the next.

The Natural Asymmetry can affect our horses in various different ways.  Here you can see in the top photos how Mido is affected by his natural asymmetry and is falling a circle rather than turning a circle.  In the bottom photo he is much more balanced and turns the circle.

Elaine Coxon


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