The changes that happen with horses and their owners always truly delight me.  To watch the progress from these dedicated students.  Students who never give up, they trust the process and they reap the rewards of that process.  Above are just a few of the many, many students who I have personally seen the transformations taking place.  Has it been easy?  NO - it has not!  Has it been worthwhile? YES it most certainly has.  Horses who have had issues for years changing beyond recognition.  

I am so proud of them all - and you can follow some of their journies by checking out my 'Calendar Girl!' series on my blog page that you can find here; 


Here are just a few words from some of them; 

Helen and Punktar - "The programme is amazing and has had a huge and positive impact on my life and my horses.  Elaine is an incredible instructor, who always puts the horse first.  She is patient, supportive and filled with knowledge. She also has a wonderful  way helping you progress by encouraging you into your stretch zone and keeping it fun.This is the best thing I've ever done for my horses."

​Natalie and Barney - " There have been so many positive changes along the way. However the changes are way more than the pictures show, including how much ST has helped me grow as a person, defeating my gremlins, making new friends, and improving my horsemanship skills. The journey isn’t always easy, balancing work, motherhood, being a wife whilst trying to keep the progress going, but it is SO worth it."

​Joy and Duke  - "People can’t believe my gorgeous boy is nearly 25. He has changed shape so much since I have been practising ST."

Kelly and Flame; " Flame and I were pretty average, she was a Heinz 57 type bought for £500 and I had ridden when I was younger. Now we are riding a half pass and piourette! Not that it's about the "fancy" name, Flame is now more relaxed and physically agile than ever. My horsemanship has developed so I can see solutions to problems rather than feel stuck and either blame myself or Flame. Thank you Elaine, helping the ordinary become extraordinary!"


Elaine Coxon