It is always so rewarding to have horses coming to stay with me - whether it is because of their owners going on holiday and they would just like their horses to progress on their way to become a Balanced Horse whilst they are away - or perhaps they  want a head start in helping them getting started on their road to balance.  Maybe they have emotional or mental issues that need to be addressed.  Maybe they are reluctant trailer loaders, maybe they have physical rehab issues, or perhaps they have just become down-right dangerous! 

Whatever the issues helping the horses become balanced is the key to success. 

Opposed on Day One

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And if you would like to find out more about bringing your horse for training then please contact me for more details and availability.

If you would like to read more about some of the horses pictured above - then please take a look at my blog site - where you will be able to read about the progression of the horses during their stay with me.  You can find it at 

The changes horses can make in as little as 3 weeks are quite outstanding.  Going from being completely unbalanced with no classical groundwork training to being able to do haunches in - often times the start of the half-pass too.  From being relunctant loaders to loading themselves!  From being afraid of a whip to being able to be ridden with nothing on their head and guidance from a stick above.  It amazes me how horses can change so quickly.


Elaine Coxon